Pakistan-Uzbekistan relations start a “development journey”: Prime Minister Imran Khan

  • Prime Minister Imran Khan arrived in Uzbekistan for a two-day visit.
  • FM Qureshi, federal ministers and a delegation of businessmen accompanied PM Imran Khan.
  • Pakistan and Uzbekistan will focus on the development of bilateral relations, especially trade, economic cooperation and interconnection.

Tashkent: On Thursday, Prime Minister Imran Khan assured the Uzbek business community that his visit was the beginning of a “journey of development and prosperity.”

“I want to assure the Uzbek business community that this relationship is only the beginning of the journey of development and prosperity,” Prime Minister Imran Khan said in a speech at the Uzbekistan-Pakistan Business Forum. “Central and South Asia 2021: Regional Connectivity Sexual challenges and opportunities” in Tashkent.

Prime Minister Imran Khan assured Uzbekistan merchants and traders that Pakistan will provide them with all possible conveniences to promote trade.

The prime minister, who is on a two-day visit, said that Pakistan’s trade and bilateral ties with Uzbekistan will open up new avenues for the prosperity of the region.

“Pakistan has great potential to connect Central Asia with the rest of the world and become a trading center,” the prime minister said.

The Prime Minister stated that the railway project between Pakistan, Uzbekistan and Afghanistan will be a harbinger of development. He emphasized that to develop the potential of the region, the peace and security of the surrounding area is of paramount importance.

Regarding the situation in Afghanistan, he said that peace in this war-torn country is very important to ensure the realization of development projects in Central Asia.

“Pakistan longs for peace in Afghanistan and believes that it is essential to trade links between countries in the region,” he said, adding that such trade links help improve the living standards of citizens.

Prime Minister Imran Khan mentioned the cooperation between neighboring countries of the EU, focusing on bilateral trade arrangements for the benefit of the people.

He hopes that with the support and willingness of countries in the region, the situation in Afghanistan will improve.

The Prime Minister said that the relationship between Pakistan and Uzbekistan is rooted in common belief, culture and history, which provides a unique space for the two countries to explore each other in different fields.

Earlier, the Prime Minister of Uzbekistan Abdullah Aripov mentioned in his speech the close cooperation between Pakistan and Uzbekistan in many fields.

He welcomed Prime Minister Imran Khan’s official visit to Uzbekistan, which he said would open up new areas of cooperation and joint ventures between the two fraternal countries.

The President of Uzbekistan welcomes Prime Minister Imran Khan

The Office of the Prime Minister of Pakistan announced that Prime Minister Imran Khan was welcomed after his speech at the Koksarai Presidential Palace in Tashkent.

The Prime Minister was awarded a guard of honor as soon as he arrived.

The Prime Minister received by his Uzbek counterpart at the airport

Prime Minister Imran Khan and his entourage arrived in Uzbekistan. Photo: APP

Earlier today, after arriving at the airport, Uzbekistan’s Prime Minister Abdullah Aripov greeted Prime Minister Imran Khan at the airport.

Soon after arriving, the Prime Minister and the Prime Minister of Uzbekistan visited the Independence and Humanitarian Monument and laid a wreath.

“Pakistan and Uzbekistan have huge potential”

The Minister of Foreign Affairs Shah Mahmood Qureshi introduced the latest developments of the Prime Minister’s two-day visit and stated that Pakistan and Uzbekistan have great potential in exploring bilateral trade and investment opportunities to satisfy both parties. Common interests.

The Foreign Minister said that businessmen from the two countries have shown great interest in bilateral contacts.

He said that the Pakistan-Uzbekistan Business Forum was attended by about 130 representatives of leading companies and business organizations from Pakistan.

He said that this event resulted in the signing of an agreement worth 453 million U.S. dollars and hoped that this would further strengthen bilateral trade.

“The Prime Minister’s visit opens up new avenues”

On the other hand, Information Minister Fawad Chowdhury stated in a video message that Prime Minister Imran Khan’s visit to Uzbekistan will open up new avenues for economic and security cooperation between Pakistan, Uzbekistan and Central Asian countries.

Chowdhury said that the prime minister’s two-day visit has two important purposes: to strengthen the tourist facilities between Pakistan, Afghanistan and Uzbekistan, and to achieve peace in Afghanistan.

“We hope that any truck or train loaded in Karachi and Gwadar ports can reach Tashkent, which will increase Pakistan’s trade with Central Asian countries,” the information minister said. He added that an important meeting will be held on Friday, which will emphasize regional connectivity.

PM’s entourage

Accompanying Prime Minister Imran Khan are Minister of Information Chodri Fawad Hussein, Minister of Interior Sheikh Rashid Ahmed, Minister of Maritime Affairs Ali Haider Zaidi, and National Security Advisor Dr. Moyd Yusuf and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa’s Minister of Information Technology Atif Khan. After ending his official visit to Tajikistan, Minister of Foreign Affairs Shah Mahmoud Qureshi joined from Tajikistan.

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