Opposition is going to make a fool itself, Sheikh Rasheed

The Minister for Interior of Pakistan Sheikh Rashid Ahmad on Thursday said that the opposition is going to make a fool of itself as Imran Khan will win.

While talking to Media in Islamabad the Minister for Interior stated that March 23 to 30 is an important week. He also told the opposition to go ahead and fulfill their desire with showcasing full certainty that Imran Khan will win.

He further said that the opposition will have to bring 172 members and the no-confidence motion will prove to be a source of satisfaction for the PM.

In his talk the Interior Minister mentioned that the members of assembly will make an April fool out of the opposition on March 30 or 31. The three parties have united for their mutual interest.

According to opposition the ‘Umpire’ is neutral, added Sheikh Rashid.

While he also stated that they will have to stick with the aforementioned statement even after their defeat and the Speaker can call the meeting whenever he wants to within 14 days.

I’ll stand beside Imran Khan like a shadow, said Interior Minister.

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