No restrictions on Pakistani doctors studying abroad: PMC

The Pakistan Medical Commission (PMC) on Monday refuted reports regarding restrictions placed on Pakistani doctors training and working abroad.

The PMC spokesperson said it has completed the application process of getting recognised by the World Federation for Medical Education (WFME) and reiterated that Pakistani doctors looking to get training or work abroad are not under any restrictions.

He further termed such reports ‘baseless’ and a matter of grave concern. He further alleged that it was part of 'propaganda' being spread by self-serving individuals. The spokesperson added that neighbouring India has yet to apply for WFME’s recognition.

The spokesperson added that the process of PMC’s recognition concluded after 18 months and the process of reviewing by WFME will take another six to 12 months. It was also shared that PMC had successfully met the international standards and goals that were required in order to successfully conclude the application process.

The medical regulatory authority is expected to get recognition from WFME by the end of 2023 with the process starting soon, as stated by the spokesperson.



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