Nawaz will never let COAS to be appointed on merit: Imran

Former prime minister and PTI Chairman has reiterated that incumbent coalition government would not appoint next army chief on merit, saying PML-N supremo Nawaz Sharif would not let it happen.

“Whoever is on merit should become the next army chief but Nawaz Sharif would not let it happen because they want to control the institutions to save their looted wealth,” he said while addressing PTI’s long march via video link in Gujrat on Friday.

Imran claimed PML-N has a history of influencing and attempting state institutions to save their looted wealth and evade accountability.

“Prime Minister of Pakistan [Shehbaz Sharif] is visiting Britain to meet his brother who is an absconder and escaped to London under the guise of medical treatment,” he added.

Imran said PM Shehbaz went to London to take important decisions of Pakistan with the consultation of his “absconder” brother.

“The one [Nawaz] who looted country for the 30 years will make decisions about army chief’s appointment, elections date and caretaker setup,” he said.

“No one can even imagine that this can happen in a civilised society because rule of law prevails there.”

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