NASA’s spacecraft almost set to collide with an asteroid

NASA’s spacecraft the Double Asteroid Redirection Test (DART) Mission, which was launched 10 months ago into space, is preparing for an asteroid collision on September 26th. 

As per CNN, “the spacecraft will slam into an asteroid’s moon to see how it affects the motion of an asteroid in space.” The mission will target a small moon, called Dimorphos, orbiting the near-Earth asteroid Didymos.

Since the asteroid poses no harm to Earth, it is the best way to test the abilities of the DART Mission.

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Through this test, NASA will be able to demonstrate the deflection technology used in the mission.

The technology has been developed to protect Earth from potential asteroid or comet hazards. As per the scientists, this will be the first time that the orbit of a celestial body in the universe will be measurably changed.

The event will be available on a live stream on NASA’s website, which will begin at 5.30 pm ET, whereas the impact is expected to occur around 7.14 pm ET.



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