NASA seeks help from public to study exoplanets


As a part of NASA’s Universe of Learning, a program called Exoplanet Watch was launched in 2018. The program aims to let anyone learn about planets that orbit stars beyond our solar system and get involved in observing them.

Until now, only a limited number of people could help look through the data collected by telescopes. However, the program is now available for everyone as NASA seeks help from the public to study exoplanets. The public can check out the website of the program.

According to Rob Zellem, the creator of Exoplanet Watch, “with Exoplanet Watch, you can learn how to observe exoplanets and do data analysis using software that actual NASA scientists use.”

The program has two main areas, one for those with a telescope and one for those without access. Without the telescope, people can request access to data collected by robotic telescopes and assist with data analysis.

NASA is seeking help from the public as more data can be analyzed, along with increasing the pace of exoplanet discovery and characterization.

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