Murad Raas warned Punjab schools to allow teachers and staff to be vaccinated by August 22, otherwise they will face closure

Murad Raas, Minister of School Education of Punjab Province.
  • Murad Raas instructed public and private schools to vaccinate teachers and staff by August 22.
  • If any unvaccinated teachers or staff are found, the Punjab Education Minister warns the school to close.
  • “We will also take disciplinary action after discovering that anyone has not been vaccinated,” he added.

Lahore: Murad Raas, Minister of School Education in Punjab State, has instructed all public and private schools to vaccinate teachers and other staff against COVID-19 by August 22.

In a video message shared from his official Twitter account, Murad Ras asked teachers and other staff to vaccinate themselves and submit vaccination certificates at relevant educational institutions.

He added: “We have set up a monitoring team, and they will randomly come to the school to check the vaccination certificate after August 22.”

The minister warned that the authorities will close the school if it is found that any staff in any school has not been vaccinated.

He added: “We will also take disciplinary action after discovering that any staff member has not been vaccinated.”

Earlier, the Education Department of Punjab Schools had ordered all public and private schools under the jurisdiction of the department to vaccinate teachers, administrators and other staff against the coronavirus by August 21.

Russ stated on August 4 that only staff who have been vaccinated can enter the campus after the deadline.

The provincial minister shared a picture of the written notice issued by the ministry on Twitter.

“All teachers, administrators and staff in public and private schools in Punjab will be vaccinated before August 22, 2021. Anyone who does not have a vaccination certificate after the specified date will not be allowed to enter the school premises. Please follow the published Standard operating procedures,” Russ wrote on his official Twitter account.

The notice stated that the instructions for immediate vaccination of school staff were issued based on the content agreed with the National Command and Operations Center meeting last month.

The notice read: “According to the discussion, employees of the school education department who have not been vaccinated are now ordered not to enter any school/office after August 21, 2021.”

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