Minister assures power to be restored by 8pm as country faces outages

Minister for Power Khurram Dastgir Khan on Thursday assured that power will be restored throughout the country by 8pm following a power outage impacting southern areas of the country.

Addressing a press conference in Islamabad, the minister said the blackout was a result of the power in two lines being cut, shutting down the coal power plant in Thar and the nuclear power plant in Karachi.

LIVE #APPNews : Minister for Power Engr. Khurram Dastgir Khan addressing press conference #Islamabad
— APP 🇵🇰 (@appcsocialmedia) October 13, 2022

He added that a fault in two lines is “not normal” and will be investigated.

So far, the minister explained, 5,000MW out of 8,000MW have been restored. “Power has been fully restored in Multan and Faislabad, while the restoration is ongoing in areas of Karachi, Quetta and Hyderabad,” he maintained.

The minister warned that the restoration process will take time but guaranteed that the electricity will return to normalcy throughout the country by tonight.

He informed there were three teams dealing with the power outage situation: the reconnection team, the repair team, and the inquiry team.

He maintained that the inquiry team has been given four days to submit a report regarding details of the cause of the blackout. “Once this is brought to light necessary action will be taken,” said Dastgir.

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Dastgir noted that the relevant authorities took prompt action to address the situation in its early stages, by “isolating” Karachi early on and minimising the damage.

“The outage began at 9:16am and Karachi’s electrical system was isolated by 9:35am,” he added. He explained that by “isolate”, he meant that the “1,000MW that we provide to Karachi daily, was cut”. However, he stated that K-Electric’s system was independently operational and was supplying electricity to parts of the metropolis.

The northern part of the country was “kept safe” from the blackout due to the country’s quick response, he said.

Earlier in the day, power outages were reported in southern parts of the country, including Karachi.

The Ministry of Energy confirmed the development through its official Twitter handle, stating that there has been "an accidental fault" in the country's electricity transmission system.

مُلک کے جنوبی ٹرانسمیشن سسٹم میں حادثاتی خرابی کے باعث متعدد جنوبی پاور پلانٹس مرحلہ وار ٹرِپ ہو رہے ہیں جس سے مُلک کے جنوبی حصے میں بجلی کی ترسیل میں رکاوٹ آ رہی ہے۔وزارتِ توانائی پوری تندہی سے خرابی کی وجہ کی تفتیش کر رہی ہے اور جلد از جلد بجلی کے نظام کو مکمل بحال کر لیاجائگا
— Ministry of Energy (@MoWP15) October 13, 2022

The ministry said that several southern power plants are "tripping" in phases, which is disrupting the transmission of electricity in the southern part of Pakistan.

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It added that they are "diligently investigating the cause of the fault" and that the power system will be fully restored as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, KE spokesperson Imran Rana said the electricity-providing company was also “investigating the issue" and will provide updates on the situation.

Getting reports of outages from various parts of the country including KE territory. We are investigating the issue and will keep this space updated with further information.
— Imran Rana, Spokesperson, K-Electric (@imranrana21) October 13, 2022

Initially, Rana said that "multiple outages" were being reported from different parts of Karachi. However, he later maintained that power outages are being reported in various parts of Pakistan "including KE territory".

There are reports of multiple outages from different parts of the city. We are investigating the issue and will keep this space posted.
— Imran Rana, Spokesperson, K-Electric (@imranrana21) October 13, 2022

He added that "the recovery process has started – a full recovery may take approximately 5 hours."

تاہم بحالی کا عمل شروع کیا جا چکا ہے – مکمل بحالی میں اندازاً 5 گھنٹے لگ سکتے ہیں۔ (2/2)
— Imran Rana, Spokesperson, K-Electric (@imranrana21) October 13, 2022


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