Mindgrasp, the best AI note summariser for docs, recordings

Mindgrasp is one of the best AI learning assistant apps that can create accurate notes, summaries, flashcards, quizzes, and answer questions from any document, PDF, YouTube video, Zoom meeting, webinar recording, podcast and much more! This app is perfect not only for studying but for work, when short of time.

No need to read lengthy content anymore, when Mindgrasp will read the document, video, meeting, or recording for you in detail and answer all your questions. With extensive features like smart notes, summaries, web searches, quizzes and flashcards.

By simply uploading the file, you can generate smart notes that will reinvent content consumption, seamlessly digesting information from a variety of sources, and distilling it into structured, detailed, and comprehensive notes. The tool is ideal for students, professionals, and researchers. Uploaded files not only get professional notes but also short summaries and will let you download files including a prepared audiobook.

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The web search feature will the depth of your uploaded content with relevant information from the internet with globally sourced insights, backed by credible references. MindGrasp’s Q&A activates web search, fetching data and resources relevant to your question with references. Cutting down tedious hours of work, students will provide historical data, scientific journals, or the latest news pieces, to get comprehensive insights.

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A new way to revolutionize studying, learning, and researching, Mindgrasp will condense lengthy video footage into a shorter, more manageable format. The app will identify key points and moments in a video, and then create a summary that includes only the most important information. Instead of skimming through hours of footage to get important information, the platform will give an overview of a video without having to watch the entire thing. With just the video URL, the summariser tool will work not only for videos but for all files including documents.

MindGrasp’s Automatic Quizzes will efficiently read through content and create quick quizzes for you to test your knowledge. Instead of mindlessly consuming content, challenge yourself while studying with interactive quizzes that ensure you’re prepared with the relevant information. This feature can be used by educators and trainers to create evaluation content for students, giving them more time to focus on instructional content.

Mindgrasp flashcards will generate easily digestible content to commit information to long-term memory. This feature will sift through any piece of content, picking out key concepts and pivotal details, then craft them into concise flashcards. This tool is quite helpful for language learners who can use it to convert tutorials, lessons, or conversational snippets into flashcards, capturing crucial vocabulary, phrases, or grammar rules.

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Starting at $9.99/month for the basic plan, Mindgrasp also offers a Scholar and Premium plan for $12.99/month and $14.99/month respectively. The Scholar plan has an additional feature of Chrome Beta extension, while the Premium plan allows multiple files to be uploaded at once for all AI features. There is no limit to the amount of documents and files uploaded multiple times for different features. All plans offer a 4 day free trial before it begins to charge you for the service.

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