Mariam reacts to the buzz around denial of visa extension

Nawaz Sharif (right), the former prime minister and leader of PML-N, waved to supporters during the Party’s Workers’ Conference in Islamabad, Pakistan, June 4, 2018, because his daughter Mariam Maryam Nawaz is watching. — Reuters/File
  • The United Kingdom rejected Nawaz Sharif’s visa extension application.
  • Mariam Nawaz said that Nawaz made the government very nervous.
  • She added that you can’t win respect by belittling others.

The PTI-led government has “lost the psychological war against former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif,” PML-N Vice President Mariam Nawaz said on Friday.

Her comment was made after the center lashed out at PML-N because the United Kingdom decided to reject Nawaz Sharif’s stay extension.

“The excitement of government representatives-from top to bottom-on the visa issue shows that Nawaz Sharif has made them nervous,” the vice president of PML-N said in a tweet.

Mariam said the government “knows very well” that Nawaz is not only “Pakistan’s present, but also the future.”

The Vice President of PML-N claimed that the government could clearly see their failure right in front of them-even though others could not see them.

She added that you can’t win respect by belittling others.

Nawaz’s UK visa is still valid, but his application for extension of stay has been rejected by the Home Office and he has the right to appeal the decision.

Hussain Nawaz Sharif confirmed that Nawaz’s application for extension of stay has been rejected, but has appealed to the immigration court.

“Although the application was rejected, the Ministry of the Interior allowed the right to appeal and the procedure has already begun. We believe that the immigration court will approve the extension of Nawaz Sharif taking into account all the facts,” said Hussein Nawaz.

Meanwhile, a day ago, PML-N spokesperson Marriyum Aurangzeb told Geographic News The British Home Office said in its response that Nawaz can appeal to the immigration court.

She said Nawaz’s lawyers therefore appealed to the court, including his medical records.

Marriyum said that the order of the Ministry of the Interior will remain invalid until the court makes a decision.

“Nawaz Sharif can live in the UK legally until a decision is made,” she said.

“Either refund or go to jail”

In response to this development, Federal Minister of Information and Broadcasting Fawad Chaudhry stated that the former prime minister has only a few options.

Chowdhury said that the first is that he can go to the Pakistani Embassy, ​​where he will obtain temporary travel documents, through which he can return to Pakistan and be responsible for the crimes he is accused of.

The second option is that he can challenge this decision-“He has no reason, because he is not sick,” the minister said.

“We met him [in videos] Take a walk in London and dine in a restaurant. He will now lie to the British court about his illness. He may even be sentenced for lying,” Chowdhury said.

He said that in his opinion, Nawaz should return to Pakistan by obtaining temporary travel documents and face charges against him in the country’s courts. He said that Pakistan has asked the British government to not allow anyone to “participate in corruption worth billions of rupees.”

“Imran Khan and PTI have no personal hatred with Nawaz. Our only problem is that he has laundered billions of rupees abroad and is now an absconder,” the minister said.

He said that “money laundering” should be brought back to Pakistan, and if Nawaz returns the money, “he can return to his home in that country.”

“It’s very simple: either refund the money or go to jail.”

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