KBT requests that affected families be included in the committee

Karachi Bachod Herrick (KBT) leaders demanded on Friday that the Sindh provincial government will be anti-occupied by Gujar and Orangi Nullah, Hajilem Goth, Sahafi Colony, Aladdin Park and Karachi Circular Railway People affected by the action are included in the committee to solve the problem of urban illegal construction.

They also require each affected family to provide compensation based on their land and buildings, not just a plot of 80 square yards. KBT leader Khurram Ali and others spoke at a press conference held by the Karachi Press Club in response to the Sindh Provincial Government’s announcement of the establishment of a committee to allocate alternative land to the affected people.

They said that when the Supreme Court ordered the Sindh provincial government to clear the seizure of rainwater drains, Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC), under the order of Sindh Local Government Minister Nasir Hussein Shah, began to widen the canal and make room. A 30-foot-wide road was built on both sides of the drain. They claim that this is not part of any master plan for the city.

Ali said: “During the current anti-occupation operations in the Gujel and Orangi open channels, none of the houses are located on the drainage pipe.” “In fact, these demolitions were carried out to make room for the 30-foot-wide road.”

He commented that since Bilawar Bhutto Zardari, the chairman of the Pakistan People’s Party, expressed sympathy for the victims of the demolition four months later, it is important to question why the Sindh government gave the responsibility for demolition to Supreme Court.

“Why did Bilawal not ask how the Sindhi government KMC officials stood in court and falsely declared that the lease was illegal. [They were] Those KMC officials who originally granted these leases? “

KBT leaders said that the biggest problem here is that if the width of the road along Mehmoodabad Nullah in the constituency of Sindh Education Minister Said Ghani can be limited to 12 feet, then how can it not be done? Roads are being built along the Orangi and Gujjar open channels .

“All the famous urban planners, from Arif Hasan to Dr. Nausheen Anwar, have made it clear that these roads have never been part of any Karachi master plan and have no major benefit to anyone,” Ali said. “Limiting the width of these roads to 10 feet without expanding the width of the drainage ditches could have saved all demolished houses. This means that the government has enough land to resettle affected families on their displaced land.”

He added that KBT hopes to explain the local situation to Bilawar and the Sindh government without doubting their intentions so that they can accept their legal requirements.

“KBT believes that only after full consultation with the victims can a plan be developed to truly alleviate the problems of nearly 1 million people, including 21,000 children, who have suffered cruel and unnecessary displacement,” he said.

At the same time, KBT leaders said that victims of Haji Lemu Goth, Sahafi Colony, Aladdin Park and KCR demolitions should also be included in this committee. “Even today, with the help of its staff and law enforcement officers, KMC continues to violate people’s privacy and the sanctity of their homes. It is harassing all affected people, including women and children, and depriving them of their homes. It’s as if they are second-class citizens,” Ali said.

He explained that according to the Supreme Court’s decision, the government is obliged to provide rental replacement for all demolished houses without discrimination. “The Sindh provincial government must not discriminate in this regard. Therefore, if the affected person loses a 200-square-yard house, they must be allocated the same piece of land,” he added.

He claimed that the investigation conducted by KMC was very different because the four floors and the first floor were not dealt with separately in the investigation. He said that multiple families living in one house are counted as one family.

Ali said that similarly, corruption is widespread in the distribution of checks, and people have not even received rent checks for 15,000 rupees. KBT requires that no houses be demolished until the technical training resource center conducts detailed investigations for the victims.

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