Josh Naylor injury update: Indian revealed that the right fielder “suffered a closed ankle fracture and dislocation”


Josh Naylor suffered a terrible injury during Sunday’s game between the Indians and the Twins.

Obviously, the play is as bad as it looks.

Cleveland confirmed on Twitter that in the team’s 8-2 loss to the Twins, Naylor “suffered a closed fracture and dislocated his right ankle.” Naylor stayed in Minnesota during the injury evaluation period.

The good news about “closed fractures” is that this means that no puncture injuries were caused by injuries. Nevertheless, Naylor will almost certainly be out for a long time, which is not surprising given how serious the immediate injury is.

more: MLB Twitter sends support message to Josh Naylor after injury

This is a video of the show. (Warning: Graphic images are included.)

The 24-year-old Neller played 69 games for Cleveland this season, hitting 0.253.301/.399 slashes and seven home runs. He was acquired from the Padres last year as part of a trade plan to send Mike Clevinger to San Diego.


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