James Webb Telescope found galaxies that shouldn’t exist

James Web Telescope has found six objects in a new image of Pandora’s Cluster, expected to be six galaxies that existed 500 to 700 million years after the universe was created during the Big Bang.

The objects found in space are way more massive than the expectations of scientists. As per CNN, the Telescope has “captured 50,000 sources of near-infrared light in a new image of Pandora’s Cluster, a mega cluster of galaxies.”

The discovery of these galaxies is questioning many of the existing theories regarding the origin of the galaxies.

“If even one of these galaxies is real, it will push against the limits of our understanding of cosmology,” says astrophysicist Erica Nelson, who is working on the new research.

The galaxies are as massive as the milky way and have numerous red-coloured stars which are spread all over.

Before the image was sent back by the Webb Telescope, scientists expected to see small blue-coloured dots which represented newer galaxies.

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