Jail is nothing, ready to sacrifice life for ‘real freedom’: Imran

Former prime minister and PTI Chairman Imran Khan has said that going to jail is not a big deal for him to achieve ‘real freedom’ in the country, adding that he is even ready to “sacrifice his life”.

Addressing students at an Agriculture University in Rawalpindi, the former premier called upon the pupils to take to the streets in order to stand up against injustice, saying that “chains have to be broken. Freedom is not given, it is taken”.

Imran, who was removed from power through a vote of no-confidence in the National Assembly in April, said that only coward and selfish people would not raise their voices against injustice.

“Raising a voice against injustice is Jihad. If someone wants to rob the country, I have to stand up to these thieves,” he added.

The deposed prime minister said every day a new case is filed against him for political victimisation and added that he would appear before the court to get bail.

“One of the biggest obstacles to fight against oppression is fear. A coward person can never become a leader. Nawaz Sharif flees the country during difficult times.”

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“Only slaves polish shoes, leaders are free and fearless.”

He urged the students to come out of their homes to achieve ‘real freedom’ in the country.

“I have come here to prepare the students. Everyone has to come out for the real freedom of the country.”

The PTI chief reiterated his allegations that thieves were imposed upon the country via a regime change conspiracy hatched by the United States.

“They [rulers] are humiliating the country, they have no shame. They steal the country's money and live in palaces outside.”

The PTI chief said his movement for ‘real freedom’ was not political but rather he was doing ‘jihad’.

“Students played a major role in bringing a revolution in different parts of the world. I am going to give [final] call for very soon for the long march. The nation will stand before the cabal of crooks and their handlers,” he remarked.

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