Islamabad police to use ‘non-lethal drones’ to disperse rioters

In an important progress in establishing law and order, the Islamabad Capital Police has acquired an advanced technological capability to control rioters from wreaking havoc in the federal capital.

According to a statement issued by the Islamabad Police on Twitter on Saturday, the Capital Police has acquired advanced technological capabilities to limit and regulate public gatherings to maintain law and order.

امن و امان کے قیام میں اہم پیش رفت

اسلام آباد کیپیٹل پولیس نے رائٹ کنٹرول کرنے کی جدید تکنیکی صلاحیت حاصل کرلی۔

مستقبل میں عوامی اجتماع کو محدود اور منظم کرنے کےلیے غیر مہلک شیل پھینکنے والے ڈرون استعمال کیے جائیں گے۔#ICTP #OPS
— Islamabad Police (@ICT_Police) September 10, 2022

According to the Islamabad Police, non-lethal drones will be used to limit and regulate public gatherings and disperse the protesters in future.

Meanwhile, the Islamabad Safe City Project has announced extending its network to cover the entire city and a total of 389 cameras have been added in the system during last 30 days for broader online monitoring.

In May earlier this year, the PML-N-led coalition government had failed to contain PTI activists and supporters – who while staging their “Haqeeqi Azadi March” – managed to cross all barriers and reached near D-Chowk after setting some trees and public property on fire in Blue Area of the federal capital.

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All important government installations including Parliament, Supreme Court, Prime Minister House & Office, key ministries and offices, lawmakers’ residence, offices of the national broadcasters, among other important buildings, are located at an arm’s length from D-Chowk.

Though the representatives of the PTI had assured the Supreme Court that no damage would take place to any property during the rally, the scenes at Blue Area not just contradicted it but were horrifying as trees, greenbelt areas, and public property were set on fire on May 25.

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