Ishtiaq Baig sent Zoheb Hassan a 1 billion rupees loss claim notice regarding its allegations

  • Zoheb Hassan damaged Baig’s reputation through accusations and foul language.
  • Baig seeks compensation of 1 billion rupees and apologizes for “damage”: pay attention.
  • Zoheb claims that Ishtiaq Baig “feeds her something harmful” and is against her

Ishtiak Baig issued a “claim” notice to the brother of the late Pakistani pop singer Nazia Hassan on Friday, because he was on the 21st anniversary of Nazia’s birth. Charges were made against him.

The notice sent to Zoheb through a lawyer stated that he accused Baig and used foul language on him, thereby damaging Baig’s reputation.

Baig has asked Zoheb to apologize and pay 1 billion rupees within a week as compensation for the “damage” caused to him.

The notice stated that if not, Zoheb would be dragged to court.

Zokhb’s allegations

Zoheb recently made some serious accusations against Nacia’s then husband Berger on her 21st anniversary.

On Thursday, Zoheb said in a statement issued after the oath in London that Nacia accused her then-husband Ishtiak Baig of “giving her food” harmful and abused her.

Talk to Geographic news, Zoheb said that in a handwritten statement confirmed by the High Council of Pakistan in London, Nazia had clearly written that she wanted a divorce.

When talking about an interview with a private news channel, Zoheb clarified that he did not accuse Nacia’s ex-husband of anything in any way.

“I didn’t make any accusations. These were written by Nacia herself,” he said.

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