Is this a minor league?Mistakes abound in this week’s baseball game

In recent weeks, the ruined art is no longer Leonardo da Vinci’s realistic paintings, but more of my 2-year-old kid scribbling with crayons.

The situation is not good, especially for teams that throw baseballs in the field.

The mistake in the Pirates-Cubs match near the end of May was a mistake in history. Even now, I still have a good impression of Will Craig, the first baseman of the Buccaneers. What is commendable is that he faced the music and admitted his mistake after a day or so.We are not going to play the harp on that today (here is a A complete review of the “You must be kidding” game).

No, we are going to look at three different Yakati Saxophone -Two are disasters for the team wearing gloves, and one is not the highlight of the year-end for the team on the basic path. The thing is, these three weeks have happened!

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Two games on Wednesday (Marlins Cardinals and Orioles Indians) and one game on Thursday (Blue Jays-Yankees). Let’s do it in chronological order.

June 16: The Cardinals’ Marlins

Settings: At the bottom of the fourth game, 0-0. First place, third place (Taylor O’Neal). Yadir Molina hits the ball.


Segmentation: Pitcher Sandy Alcantara blocked Molina’s access to the earth and watched vigilantly as O’Neill, who was in contact, broke in. He quickly passed the ball to the receiver Jorge Alfaro, which is exactly what he was supposed to do. O’Neill ran back slowly back to third base, giving Molina enough time to reach first base safely​​. After a few slow steps, O’Neal saw third baseman Devin Marrero taking a few steps from third base, and Alfaro hadn’t got rid of the ball. You can almost see O’Neal thinking like this: “Well, if they don’t plan to throw, I can do it” because he turned on the jet and sprinted, then jumped back to third place. Alfaro eventually passed the ball to Marrero, but Marrero even tried to mark it too late.

What should happen: Alfaro must get rid of the ball as soon as possible. Then when he waited too long, he should throw it to Sir Chisholm, the shortstop in third place might actually have a chance to get the label.

influences: This error did not even cost Alcantara an extra court. Suppose they mark O’Neal as out; it will still be a first two outs. The next batsman Edmundo Sosa (Edmundo Sosa) made a double play on the next court. The game is over.

June 16: The Orioles of the Indians

Settings: 3-2 in the third game (the Orioles led). Not out, the second and third players. Jose Ramirez hits the ball.


Segmentation: The two players easily scored in Ramirez’s straight-drive single. For some reason, although Baltimore first baseman Trey Mancini was in the perfect cut-off position, basically just in front of Ramirez, he got the first place when Austin Hayes pitched to home plate. Two. Sometimes, mistakes will work. Mancini threw the ball at shortstop Freddie Galves, who was standing on second base, forcing Ramirez to retreat to first base. Galves ran him back to the first one, then threw the ball to second baseman Pat Valaika, who was in the correct position. Ramirez rushed to second, instead of Valleka trying to dive and tag him, he passed the ball to Galvez for some reason, and Galvez basically stood by Ramirez when he got the ball. Behind Si. Third baseman Maikel Franco was late, and Valaike could not throw the ball at him because of the proper breaking rules. Because Franco is now in second place, no one is in third place because the receiver Pedro Severino is not present. So Ramirez rushed to third place.

What should happen: So many things. The situation with the Orioles on the road hasn’t been smooth recently. Valleca should have a pigeon to mark Ramirez. Franco should be at second base earlier. Severino should be in third place.

influences: If Ramirez is marked out, it is not an empty base and an out, but there is a runner in the third place and is not out. Cleveland scored five points in the game; the final score was 8-7, Cleveland.

June 17: The Yankees’ Blue Jays

Settings: In the first game, 0-0 lead. Not out, the runners in second place (Bo Bichette) and third place (Marcus Semien). Vladimir Guerrero Jr., batting.


Segmentation: Guerrero hit a tap on the right side of pitcher Michael King and was thrown first. As the ball hit the direction of third base, Semien retreated to third base. Obviously can’t hit first place at home run. However, Bichette also sprinted to third place. “Oh, there is a problem with third place,” said Yankees announcer Michael Kay. First baseman DJ LeMahieu (for some reason) left behind Bichette, forcing Semien to basically give up and run home. Semien slowed down and fell into a trough, giving Bichette enough time to safely finish third. But Bichette’s first step is back to the second step (again, for some reason). When catcher Gary Sanchez pitched the ball to third baseman Gio Urshella, he eventually moved towards third place, who marked Semien and then turned to pitch to shortstop Gleyber Torres, who was vigilantly covering third place. Bichette slid into the third out.

What should happen: Bichet is a very good player and has performed very well this year. This is not his best moment, please say it politely. When the ball is hit, Bichette should stay second and see what Semien will do. At the moment Simien deliberately got into trouble, he should sprint to third place. He did nothing.

influences: Basically, everything Bichet did in this game was wrong. His behavior directly led to the three-game winning streak when the Jays should have let the second and third runners out. And, interesting fact: this is the first 1-3-6-2-5-6 three-player game in baseball history.

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