Indian cross border shelling martyrs 185 people in five years

Approximately 185 people have been martyred and 875 were injured as a result of Indian aggression across the Line of Control (LoC) in Azad Kashmir during the last five years.

According to a document available with The Express Tribune, the civilian population living along the LoC has been badly affected as a result of unprovoked fire by India.

Indian shelling has damaged 2,130 houses and shops, 393 livestock and 58 vehicles.

The federal government has approved a development package worth over Rs3.61 billion to protect the population of the border areas, including the construction of 773 bunkers and 178 km of roads.

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The amount of money given to the families of martyrs has been increased from Rs0.3 million to Rs1million, including Rs3,000 per month to the children of martyrs, and Rs0.25 million to Rs0.3 million for the severely injured persons.

The document adds that more than 600,000 people in eight districts along the border have been badly affected by the Indian shelling.

More than 64 people of Kotli district have been martyred and 323 have been injured. 36 people of Poonch district have been martyred with 171 injured. 27 people of Neelam have been martyred and 91 injured. 25 people of Haveli have been martyred and 99 injured. 22 people of Bhimbur were martyred and 122 w injured, six people of Jhelum Valley were martyred and 53 were injured while five persons from Muzaffarabad were martyred and 16 were injured.

The amount given to the completely disabled persons has also been increased from Rs0.25 million to Rs0.8 million whereas the amount given to the severely injured has been increased from Rs0.1 million to Rs0.3 million. On the other hand compensation for minor injuries has been increased to Rs50,000.

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