Imran expresses ‘conditional willingness’ to return to National Assembly

Former prime minister and PTI Chairman Imran Khan has expressed ‘conditional’ willingness to return to the National Assembly, saying that his party may rejoin the lower house of parliament if diplomatic cypher on ‘regime change conspiracy’ was investigated properly.

Speaking to journalists in Islamabad on Saturday, he said that the establishment is a reality in Pakistan’s politics as it has “all the powers”.

The former premier said his government had cordial ties with the establishment and he did not know as to how the ties deteriorated.

Imran said governments in Pakistan needed establishment’s support more than opposition. “Now we are in opposition so how can we maintain cordial ties with the establishment,” he remarked.

The former prime minister said that he wanted friendly relations with all countries including the United States and India in national interest. However, Imran said he cannot accept any policy which advocates India’s supremacy in the region and recognition of state of Israel.

“[Indian PM Narendra] Modi intends to break Pakistan.”

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Commenting on PM Shehbaz’s UNGA address, Imran said the premier’s speech was announcement of the country's bankruptcy. PM Shehbaz and Finance Minister Miftah Ismail have sunk the country’s economy, he claimed.

“The current government has brought the economy to such a point that it needs surgery instead of medicine while Miftah is treating cancer patient with aspirin,” said the PTI chief.

Imran said the government's priority is not the economy but ending its corruption cases and incumbent rulers have closed down corruption cases worth Rs1,100 billion.

“Ishaq Dar is ready to return home as soon as the NAB case against him is over. Later, Nawaz Sharif will also return to the country,” the former premier said, adding that he won’t repeat the past mistakes that he made during his first stint at power if he returned to the power corridors again.

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