Hundreds Rush to Altar at Free Chapel Service to ‘Get Right With God’, Leaders Point to Revival


Evangelical leaders say a move of God is taking place in Gainesville, Georgia as hundreds of people pack the altar of Free Chapel Church seeking forgiveness, healing, and rededicating their lives to Jesus Christ. 

A special revival service is heading into its third night this Wednesday after Evangelist Perry Stone, Jr. was set to close out a special end times Series on Sunday. 

A two-night special revival service that began Monday night with special guest Evangelist Perry Stone, Jr. is now heading into its third night this Wednesday and those who have attended are saying the Holy Spirit is moving. 

“Such a powerful move of God yesterday at Free Chapel,” wrote Jentezen Franklin, the Senior Pastor of Free Chapel.

Stone was invited to close out the church’s “Signs of the Times” series Sunday which has included speakers like Pastor John Hagee and Pastor Jimmy Evans. 

But the response during Sunday night’s altar call was beyond what Stone expected. 

“I was actually overwhelmed to see the massive crowd of men and women and many young people that packed out the large sanctuary to receive the word of the Lord. When the altar call was given the front, and all the aisles, were filled with people seeking God for forgiveness, and to be free from offenses and hurts,” he wrote. 

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“There’s been a real move of the Spirit that has broken out,” Stone shared in a Facebook live video. “Honestly, it’s more about salvation and repentance and restoration.”

The response prompted Franklin and other church leaders to call a special revival service Monday and Tuesday night. 

He continued, “When the altar service came, the glory of the Lord just began to move in the altar services. So we said let’s go Monday and Tuesday night.” 

Thousands attended the weekday services, Stone noted that on Monday night, “More than 3,700 people showed up.”

He added that the revival may carry through to next week. 

“We are trying to be led of the Lord because we know He does things in seasons. Sometimes it’s a quick season and sometimes He stretches that season out,” he explained. 

Franklin has called the last few nights “life-changing” and is inviting people to join in person or virtually. 

“The past two nights have been life-changing and we give God all the glory for what He is doing,” he wrote on X. “This is all about Jesus and we are humbled by the families being healed and the people coming to know God.  Please join us in prayer, America and the world need revival.”

Stone opened up Monday’s night message addressing the intensifying conflict between Israel and Hamas and noted that the war points to the End Times – an eschatological reference to the second coming of Jesus Christ.

The harvest is ready,” he expressed. “There’s a hunger. Something is happening. Our office is getting some unusual emails and calls about people saying ‘I’m a backslider. I have been away from God. I saw 9-11. I saw Covid. Nothing moved me, but the war is like God hit me in my belly and (said) you better pay attention to this.'”

Stone continued, “We have just entered into, in my lifetime of 64 years, something that in my spirit I feel is leading us to the last days. And it is what’s happening in Israel. This is not normal.”

He then began teaching on the “Top End Time Weapon to Defeat Satan” pointing out that Jesus Christ came to help believers overcome and defeat the enemy. 

“If Jesus who came in flesh can overcome what the enemy tries to hit him with, God will let you overcome anything that the enemy tries to hit you with because Christ is in you, the hope of glory” Stone preached. 

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He then urged listeners to “get right with God” and many rushed to the altar ready to do so. 

Dr. Malachi O’Brien, the pastor of The Church at Pleasant Ridge in Harrisonville, Missouri, said Gen Z is seeking Jesus and he is thankful that Franklin, Stone, and Free Chapel’s leadership are making room for more people to have an opportunity to give their lives to the Lord. 


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