Hubble captures stunning images of Jupiter

Hubble captures stunning images of Jupiter

New images from Space Telescope Hubble display Jupiter in a stunning view, highlighting the planet’s Great Red Spot in ultraviolet wavelength.

The beautiful images were released in celebration of Jupiter reaching opposition to the Sun, as viewed from the Earth. The Hubble Telescope views in optical light wavelength with the ability to see beyond what the human eye can. With different wavelengths, scientists can see different features of cosmic objects.

Hubble’s view of Jupiter allows the study of its turbulent atmosphere, in particular its superstorm, The Great Red Spot.

“Though the storm appears red to the human eye, in this ultraviolet image, it appears darker because high-altitude haze particles absorb light at these wavelengths,” NASA explains in a statement. “The reddish, wavy polar hazes are absorbing slightly less of this light due to differences in either particle size, composition, or altitude.”

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