'Homeopathy treats diseases naturally by balancing life-force'

Homeopathy, an alternative treatment system, can cure diseases naturally by balancing the life force, according to practitioners of the method.

“There is miraculous life energy within each human being. We need to understand this energy,” Rita Kaya, a German homeopath living in Türkiye, told Anadolu.

Kaya, who studied alternative medicine in Germany, said homeopathy has a principle that likes are cured by likes.

Homeopathy is a safe and holistic treatment system that evaluates physical, spiritual, and mental well-being as a whole, she said.

“Homeopathy reveals the reasons for diseases such as sadness, anger, resentment, accident, financial problems, natural disasters, etc.,” she said, adding that they apply individual treatment offering unique remedies.

On the remedies, she said their ingredients are obtained from nature in their purest form such as flowers, leaves, vegetables and fruits, and seeds.

Underlining that the most important principle is to not harm anything, she said homeopathic remedies are not tested on animals. “On the contrary, they are used to heal plants and animals,” she added.

Kaya, who has practiced homeopathy for more than 27 years, also said some people approach homeopathy with suspicion.

“Many patients take handfuls of drugs. That's why people don't understand homeopathy, which recommends only one medicine,” she said.

Stressing that the “dosis minima” (minimum dose) principle is significant in curing, she said overdosing or incorrect use of remedies could lead to side effects.

“It is very modern and popular right now because some diseases cannot be cured with medication and even worsen,” she said, adding that homeopathic treatments can give 80% positive results.

She added that homeopathy is used for curing/treating many diseases and conditions, including muscle disease, discomfort from menopause, stomach and digestive problems, upper respiratory tract diseases, infant and child diseases, and sports injuries.

Homeopathy spread throughout world nearly 220 years ago

George Vithoulkas, a Greek teacher and practitioner of homeopathy, said this therapeutic system was founded by the German doctor Samuel Christian F Hahnemann nearly 220 years ago.

“Hahnemann has bequeathed us a whole medical system for treating people. It is a completely different system than conventional medicine is using,” Vithoulkas said.

Hahnemann claimed that at any given time only one remedy should be given to the patient, the one that has the greatest similarity to his disease, he said.

“There is no problem at all using homeopathy with conventional treatments. The only problem is that the chemical drugs reduce drastically the curative effect of the homeopathic remedy,” he said.

The word homeopathy is made up of the Greek words omoios, meaning similar, and pathos, meaning disease.

“Today homeopathy is considered the most advanced therapy that is available in our modern societies. It has to be applied by knowledgeable homeopaths, well trained in reputable learning institutions,” he said, adding that there is definitely a demand for higher education on homeopathy.

Noting that the International Academy of Classical Homeopathy has a fully online course of two years, he said this course is taught at several medical universities in Russia, Ukraine, the US, Germany, the UK, Colombia, and many other countries.

Homeopathy is mostly used in India, Pakistan, South American countries, Russia, Ukraine, Germany, the UK, and the US. At least 90 countries are using it in a smaller or bigger way, he added.

Every year, April 10 is observed as World Homeopathy Day to commemorate the birthday of Dr Hahnemann.

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