Here is how iOS Health app is helpful


Apple’s Health app contains all sorts of information regarding its user – from their name, heartbeat rate, blood type, sleeping pattern, or date of birth – and stores plenty of complex data that can be useful.

The Health app allows the user to add a complete profile. The data points include name, date of birth, sex, blood type, skin type, and medication. It also asks if someone uses a wheelchair to keep track of the distance.

If the users put in the data regarding health conditions and appropriate medications, the app also gives a notification to remind the user to take their medicines for the day.

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It gives a quick summary of the user’s activity daily and shows all the details of their sleep pattern, medication, or exercise.

Considering the app is collecting this data regularly, it can also analyse and show various patterns or trends in users’ habits.

The app allows the user to share any information with whom they want while ensuring the security of the data for the user.

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