Heavy rains, floods cause internet outages in Pakistan

Central and northern parts of the country faced internet outages on Friday due to heavy rains and floods, said Pakistan Telecommunication Limited (PTCL).

Taking to its official Twitter handle, PTCL stated that its optical fibre network is experiencing some faults due to “heavy rains and floods”.

Due to heavy rains and floods, PTCL's optical fiber network is experiencing some technical faults. As a result, PTCL users in Northern and Central regions are facing Internet outage. Our teams are working to restore the services on priority.
— PTCL (@PTCLOfficial) August 19, 2022

“As a result, PTCL users in Northern and Central regions are facing internet outage”, it furthered.

PTCL maintained that its teams were working to restore the services on a priority basis.

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The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) also confirmed the development and added that issues were reported in data networks between “South and North" which had caused internet connectivity issues.

As reported by PTCL, issue has been reported in data networks between South and North which is causing internet connectivity issues.

This issue is being investigated. PTA is monitoring the situation and further updates will be shared.
— PTA (@PTAofficialpk) August 19, 2022

The authority said that the issue was being investigated and that the PTA would monitor the situation and share further updates.

Internet users in Karachi also complained of connectivity issues on social media. Internet service providers, in their reply, said issues were being faced "by upstream provider". 

‘Above-normal’ rainfall

The Pakistani Meteorological Department (PMD) forecasted “above-normal” rainfall in most parts of the country in August, warning that heavy downpours could trigger flash flooding in hilly areas of eastern Punjab and northwestern Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (K-P).

In its outlook for August, the PMD also warned of urban flooding in plain areas such as major cities of Sindh, Punjab and K-P. “Due to extreme hydro-meteorological events over catchments, riverine floods cannot be ruled out,” it added.

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