Fix and enhance your blurred photos with these 3 apps

Blurred pictures can be quite an annoyance when the perfect moment has already passed and you’re left with just a scruffy old image, which isn’t even good enough to share on social platforms.

However, there are various apps now available that can help focus and unblur images and make them look crispy and Instagram-worthy.

VSCO: Photo & Video Editor

Available on both iOS and Android, this app is perfect for beginners to use preset filters or edit their own pictures using tools like saturation, contrast, white balance, adding grain or filter, clarity, and more. The basic version is free while, a membership would cost $4.99 monthly/ $19.99 yearly.

To adjust blurry photos, you will have to use clarity and sharpness tools, while simultaneously increasing contrast and exposure. Adding fade or grain will, however, add style to the image and create a filtered look.

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Removing large-scale noise will help make the pictures be more clear with the clarity tool. Sharpen function will add more enhancement after clarity has been increased. Adjustment of contrast is equally essential, ensuring that the darker or brighter side of images becomes more distinct. While contrast might dull the brightness of a picture, exposure will need to be increased, to counterbalance the darkness.

Adding fade and grain will make images look old, weathered, and filtered, giving a more intentional stylistic look.

Adobe Lightroom

This free app is available on all phones and allows users to make technical changes to their photos. The app will let users experiment and try different advanced tools with their photos. Unblurring images on this app is much easier with just a few tools, beginning with the basic sharpening, available on the detail panel.

The radius will need to be adjusted next, which sets the pixels around the edges of the photos. The higher the radius, the more sharp and more defined the picture will look. Another tool, detail, will enhance the sharpening tool even on the smallest sections of the picture.

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Increasing exposure located in the light panel will help clarify the picture with color edits. Contrast can be optionally increased if needed for a more defined look.

Focos App

Only available on iOS devices, the app helps focus objects in a picture when it has been wrongly placed. The basic version is free to use, while the premium version is priced at $0.99/month/. 

Photos will first have to be adjusted with the aperture, the larger the aperture, the more of the picture will be in focus and vice versa. Adjust the focus bar until the focal point is clear, and then adjust the contrast near the image and away from the image. This app offers contrast options for a more detailed sophisticated result of highlighted and focused objects.

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This application is able to successfully shift the focus of the image from one object to the other while highlighting the contrast.

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