Fitbit working on new wearable for children

Fitbit and Google are reportedly working on a wearable device for kids, code-named Project Eleven, in reference to the Stranger Things character.

According to Business Insider, the device will be designed to “help older kids form healthy relationships with their phones and social media”.

Equipped with safety features for parents like cellular and GPS connectivity without the need for a phone, the prototype has been created with and without a screen. As part of a subscription service, new brands will be sent to them every month.

The Fitbit wearable will be rolled out in 2024, but employees believe the launch date and plans are subject to change.

Just last year, the company had been working on a smartphone designed for kids and older adults with cellular connectivity and a camera, but the project had been removed after Fitbit’s merger with Google, along with technical and logistical issues.

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Meta has also attempted to create a smartwatch with a camera but shelved the project in June because of financial issues. Fitbit’s Ace 3, was the closest to a kid’s smartwatch, encouraging kids to be physically fit with a goal of 60 daily active minutes and 250 steps per hour. The wearable device also prompted them to move around after every 50 minutes of idleness.

If the project goes through, Fitbit would be the first to produce a wearable smartwatch for kids with a camera.

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