First AI lawyer robot to defend speeding tickets in court


DonotPay startup has created the world’s first robot lawyer, which is going to take on two speeding ticket cases in court next month.

The AI will instruct defendants on how to respond to their assigned judges. “The law is almost like code and language combined, so it’s the perfect use case for AI,” said CEO and founder Joshua Browder while talking to USA Today.

“I think that this is the biggest potential for GPT and large language model technology,” he added.

Donotpay plans to give defendants an earpiece with Bluetooth connectivity in the courtroom, while the AI whispers instructions on what to say. One defendant in the upcoming case will be present in person, while the other will be through Zoom.

This will be the first time AI will be used in the courtroom.

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Browder has hopes that the experiment will loosen the rules against the use of AI, especially since 80% of low-income individuals cannot afford legal assistance.

Operating since 2015, Donotpay has been helping people appeal parking tickets or request refunds from airlines, with released templates and bots that can negotiate bills with companies like Comcast using GPT.

Talking about the risks, Bowder said that the company will cover any fines and the defendants will be compensated for taking part in the experiment.

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