Fire breaks out at impounded vehicles’ yard in Karachi

A fire broke out in the Nizarat or the impound yards of the court in Gulshan-e-Iqbal, setting hundreds of motorcycles, cars, buses and rickshaws under court custody on fire.

Stacks of black smoke could be seen from many kilometres away.

According to fire brigade officials, four vehicles were dispatched to the spot as soon as the fire was reported. Considering the severity of the fire, two more vehicles were called while a water tank supplied water to the fire brigade.

The fire caused black clouds of smoke in the area, which caused difficulties for the residents.

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Firefighters began extinguishing the fire from three directions. The fire started in the bushes, where cars and motorcycles were parked. The smoke from the tires was thick and dark black, causing difficulties for the firefighters to breathe.

The fire brigade managed to put out the blaze after a struggle of about an hour and a half, after which the cooling process started.

The blaze damaged hundreds of motorcycles, several cars, two buses, two rickshaws and other vehicles.

Fire brigade officials said the cause of the fire and the value of the damage could not be immediately ascertained.

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