FATF should question why India finances Pakistan’s terrorism: Qureshi

Minister of Foreign Affairs Shah Mahmoud Qureshi. Photo: file.

Islamabad: Foreign Minister Shah Mahmoud Qureshi condemned India’s involvement in the bombing of Jowhar town in Lahore on Sunday and said the country has been funding and training terrorist organizations to disrupt peace in Pakistan.

speak Geographic NewsThe minister stated that Pakistan has repeatedly raised the issue of India’s involvement in terrorism in Pakistan, but the international community has not taken this information seriously.

He said that given the clear evidence of India’s involvement in terrorist financing, the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) has a responsibility to question why India supports Pakistan’s terrorist activities.

“in case [FATF] Failure to hold India accountable shows its double standards, and Pakistan has the right to object to these double standards,” the foreign minister said.

He said that Pakistan had previously exposed India’s [wrongdoing] Now I did it again.

“In order to cover up its atrocities in Kashmir and divert people’s attention from its internal problems, India sometimes fabricates events such as the Pulwama attack, launches attacks on Pakistan’s border areas where Pakistan has responded appropriately, and sometimes trains terrorists. Molecule,” he said. Say.

Speaking of the course of action taken by Pakistan on the latest news of the Lahore bombing incident, he said that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs hopes to emphasize this issue again at the international level.

He emphasized: “We hope that the international community will know that we have said before and provided evidence of India’s involvement in Pakistan’s terrorist activities, but we did not notice this in time.”

“If the international community pays attention to Pakistan’s concerns in time, the explosion in Jowhar town will not happen, and innocent lives will not be lost. There will be no terrorist incidents in Balochistan.”

He said Pakistan will share the evidence again [with the international community] And raise its concerns.

“We are facing a challenging situation, but under the grace of Allah, we are a responsible country. Once we put forward evidence against India on the FATF and its member states ignore it, then we will know that this is A technical forum is also a political forum.”

When asked how Pakistan will move forward after confronting FATF, Qureshi said that Pakistan must work hard to defend itself and eradicate the threat of money laundering that has caused great damage to Pakistan.

“We must fight terrorist financing. Although we have done a lot, we must bring the people involved in the case to justice,” he said.

The mastermind behind the town of Jowhar blew up an Indian citizen linked to RAW

Earlier in the day, the Prime Minister’s National Security Adviser Moeed Yusuf informed the country about the bombing in the town of Jowhar in Lahore, saying that the main planner behind the attack was an Indian citizen and had a clear connection with RAW. .

At the press conference in Islamabad, Yusuf started in Urdu and ended up in English to ensure that the international community had a clear understanding of the findings.

“I want to make sure our message is heard very clearly [regarding] This special event occurred in Lahore on June 23. We have specific evidence and intelligence, including financial and telephone records pointing to India’s direct sponsorship of these terrorists.

“Through forensic analysis, we have identified the main planner and processor of this terrorist attack from the electronic equipment found from these terrorists. We have absolutely no doubt or reservation to inform you that the main planner belongs to the Indian intelligence agency RAW. The institution is an Indian national and is headquartered in India,” he said.

Yusuf said that he wanted to remind everyone that “India’s use of the territories and people of a third country will actually embarrass other countries. This is not new.”

The national security adviser said: “We have been constantly reminding the world of India’s actions, including a detailed file released in November last year, which contains detailed information on finances, actions and support from India.”

He drew attention to a recent report by the internationally renowned organization EU DisinfoLab, which described in detail “how hundreds of fake outlets were used to slander Pakistan, spread misinformation about Pakistan, and conceal that it is actually a country’s influence on our region. A country’s apparent sponsorship of terrorism”.

Yousef said that “very unusually” there is evidence that “after the attack in Lahore on the 23rd, there have been thousands of cyberattack attempts against our critical investigative infrastructure.”

“In some cases, the number and complexity of these attacks, in this case, are undoubtedly state sponsorship and state ties.”

He said that Pakistan’s cyber security is sufficient to stop these attempts, but before continuing to provide answers, he asked why the attack occurred.

The National Security Adviser said: “Our enemy wants to take time to divert attention and prevent us from trying to arrest and capture these terrorists. Therefore, these operations are carried out because our enemy wants to buy time to divert attention.”

Yusuf also pointed to the “drama” of the mysterious drone flying in the Indian-occupied Jammu and Kashmir region.

“What is the logic is now very clear. We can say it again with confidence. This is a diversion strategy, trying to divert the world’s attention from the facts. They knew at the time that we not only arrested the criminals, but we were exactly Know what is done behind the scenes and who is behind the scenes.”

The consultant said that the chief executor of Eid al-Fitr is of Afghan descent and lives in Pakistan.

He said that Pakistan has been expressing concern to the world, “Millions of law-abiding Afghan refugees have been dubbed notoriety. When these actors hide in these refugee settlements, Pakistan will be blamed, and then Pakistan will be questioned why one or cannot be arrested. Two to five villains and terrorists”.

Yusuf said that Pakistan reminds the world that “they have a responsibility to find a way for Afghan refugees to return with dignity, and then they may ask questions”.

“By then, this is a good example of complications when something similar happens,” he said.

Yusuf said that Prime Minister Imran Khan has instructed his team to “use all possible legal and political means to reach members of international terrorist networks outside Pakistan.”

“Therefore, we will share all the evidence with the international community and expose the evil and true face of a country in our neighbouring country that has been funding terrorism against our innocent civilians.”

The consultant called on the international community to play its role, saying that it is time to “stop turning a blind eye if they really take Pakistan’s peace and stability seriously and play a constructive and legally binding role for the safety of innocent Pakistanis”. . area”.

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