F-16 programme will help Pakistan meet counter-terrorism threats, says US

The US state department spokesperson on Tuesday said that the US’ proposed $450-million sale for Pakistan to refurbish its F-16 fighters fleet would sustain the country’s capability to meet current and future counterterrorism threats.

During a weekly press briefing, state department's spokesperson Ned Price said: “This is a fleet that allows Pakistan to support counterterrorism operations, and we expect Pakistan will take sustained action against all terrorist groups.”

Price was responding to a question from a correspondent of a private TV channel and added that the US "did recently notify Congress of a proposed foreign military sale valued at USD 450 million for maintenance and sustainment services for the Pakistani Air Force’s F-16 programme”.

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He maintained that “Pakistan is an important partner in a number of regards, an important counterterrorism partner. And as part of our longstanding policy, we provide lifecycle maintenance and sustainment packages for US-origin platforms.”

The spokesperson furthered that the country is an important part of a broader US-Pakistan bilateral relationship and the proposed sale will sustain Islamabad’s capability to meet current and future counterterrorism threats by maintaining the F-16 fleet.

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