Exposé of dangerous lies against military establishment

Political elite in Pakistan has mostly enjoyed impunity when it comes to being held accountable for their performance on ground. Plethora of crises the country is facing today is testimony to the fact that political elite has failed to deliver to the people of Pakistan. Instead a dangerous game is being played by the politicians wherein they concoct lies, fabrications and twist facts to blame military establishment for political engineering and involvement in politics whenever deemed profitable. Since they have nothing else to show to people of Pakistan to come to power, based on their ground performance, political elite mostly relies on scapegoating military establishment instead.

Repeated failures of political elite in running the country efficiently have brought the country on its knees where today it faces countless issues that seriously impact the common people of Pakistan. May it be poor economy, governance, law & order, foreign relations, investors trust, inflation especially food inflation or much needed political stability, political elite have repeatedly failed people of Pakistan and haven’t deliver on the rosy promises they have kept making in run up to the elections. Even today, we see the vicious cycle of blame-game being played to allege establishment for political engineering despite the fact that its apolitical stance has repeatedly been proven in the recent past.

Punjab Chief Minister gaining vote of confidence on night of 11 January 2023 without any issue is yet another slap on the face of a political party and its leadership which frivolously & shamelessly continues to blame establishment for attempting to erase its existence from the national political scene. In run up to the Chief Minister Punjab NCM, a totally fake and baseless propaganda was churned out by the party’s highest leadership that establishment is coercing & buying PTI MPAs from voting in favour of incumbent Punjab CM. Propaganda fell flat on its face when incumbent gained the vote of confidence with full support of PTI & PMLQ MPAs. Same pattern was observed during Punjab by-elections in July 2022, when PTI leadership cooked up bizarre & fictious slogans during its election campaigns and made baseless claims that establishment was deeply involved in ensuring Imran Khan’s defeat in the by-elections by hook or crock using its intelligence tentacles. The result of by-elections wherein PTI won 15 out of 20 seats by a landslide margin once again proved all PTI anti-establishment claims absolutely fake and devoid of any truth. Yet another naïve anti-establishment propaganda being amplified by PTI leadership has been that establishment is endeavouring to unite MQM’s all factions to stop the way of PTI. Purpose of such vicious political gimmicks appears to clearly cover up own political slippages and chances of failures while scapegoating establishment which makes the party look standing up to powerful military on one side and discredit it in the eyes of the public on the other.

Enough is enough. It’s about time when people of Pakistan are given answers to the much sought-after questions from the political elite for the miserable plight they have been living in since long. Key question that yearn for answers are; why political elite is not talking about its performance on what they have delivered to the people of Pakistan rather than blabbering mere anti-establishment rhetoric to mint political mileage? Another question that lurks in their minds is why grievous issues such as wheat crisis, inflation, law & order, shortage of gas & electricity which deeply impact the lives of the common people are nowhere to be discussed and dealt with by any political party?   

People want to see political elite’s performance not the rhetoric that has become the convenient order of the day. People want solution to their long pending basic issues related to health, education, employment, sustenance and safety & security. Political elite will have to quit this dangerous game of scapegoating military establishment for all their failures and poor performances. Let me say at the end that this cobweb of lies remains abject failure of the political elite of Pakistan who need to stand up to their real task and deliver to the people of Pakistan instead of finding solace in mud-slinging the establishment for any and everything that goes against their petty political interests.

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