Ethiopians line up to vote in key elections | Ethiopia News

On Monday, people across Ethiopia lined up outside polling stations to vote in what Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed called “free and fair” elections.

The elections were held against the background of war and famine in the northern region of Tigray, and Abiy faced increasing international criticism for his handling of internal conflicts.

Residents of the capital Addis Ababa described the incident as “a decisive day for Ethiopia” and hoped that “the government can bring us peace and unity and prevent killing everywhere.”

The election postponed last year was at the core of Abi’s reform movement. His coming to power in 2018 seemed to mark a break with decades of authoritarian rule, and he won the Nobel Peace Prize the following year.

Opposition groups accused Ethiopia’s ruling party of harassing, manipulating and threatening violence, which echoes past abuses.

Tigray’s voting date has not yet been set. Since November, the government has been fighting the Tigray People’s Liberation Front, the former ruling party in the region. The United Nations said that there are about 350,000 people facing famine there.

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