ECP delists cases against Imran due to bench unavailability

The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) on Monday delisted five cases against PTI chief Imran Khan – which were to be heard tomorrow – due to the non-availability of the bench.

The electoral watchdog was scheduled to hear the case regarding the deposed premier’s failure to submit details of his election expenses as well as the matter of the prohibited funding.

The ECP also delisted the case of removing Imran as the party chairperson. Moreover, the Commission was to hear the request to not issue the notification of Imran’s success in the by-elections.

The ECP will, however, hear the contempt of court cases against Imran Khan and PTI leaders Asad Umar, and Fawad Chaudhry tomorrow (Tuesday).

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The delisted cases will be heard on December 20.

ECP threatens action against Imran's speech

The ECP took notice of Imran Khan’s press conference on Sunday and asked the Pakistan Electronic Media Regulation Authority (PEMRA) for the script of his speech.

The former prime minister criticised Chief Election Commissioner Sikander Sultan Raja and claimed that the electoral watchdog was biased towards the federal government in an online video conference,

The Commission claimed that it could take action against Imran under Article 204 – which discusses contempt of court.

The PTI chief had criticized the CEC, while the ECP is already taking action against Imran for prior insults against the election chief.

Earlier this year, Imran had said that CEC Sikandar would have resigned “if he had any shame” in lieu of the Prime Minister Office (PMO) audio leaks that surfaced on social media.

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