Dasu attack verdict demonstrates Pakistan's commitment to counterterrorism: FO

The Foreign Office (FO) on Monday said that the verdict in 2021 Dasu Hydro Power Project (DHPP) terrorist attack case has once again demonstrated Pakistan’s abiding commitment to counterterrorism.

On Friday, a special Anti-Terrorism Court (ATC) handed over death sentence on 13 counts to each of the two accused, and ordered for the release of the four other accused after finding them not guilty.

The court also imposed Rs40 million fine on the two convicted terrorists, besides awarding them a total of around 800 years of imprisonment; including life imprisonments. All the sentences shall run concurrently. However, the court extended benefits of the Section 382–B of the Criminal Procedure Code (CrPC) in favour of the accused.

ATC Special Court Judge Sajjad Ahmed Jan delivered the verdict at a camp court, established in the Central Jail Haripur (CJH) after the completion of the case, where the two were found guilty and sentenced 801-year imprisonment. The court also issued orders for the release the four other accused for not being guilty.

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The ATC sentenced accused Muhammad Hussain, alias Syed Muhammad alias Zawan alias Mama, son of Abdul Rahim age 49, a resident of Sabin Burat, Tehsil, Matta, Swat, and Muhammad Ayaz, alias Jan, 42, a resident of Zurai Balu Jabril Tehsil, Matta Swat.

The court ordered for hanging each convict on 13 counts for the crime under section 302 PPC and 7(A) of the Anti-Terrorist Act (ATA). They were also imposed Rs1.5 million fine per victim, which the heirs of the deceased, would receive and ordered one-year additional imprisonment in case of non-payment of the fine by the convicts.

The ATC awarded 10-year imprisonment each convict for attempt to murder under Section 324 PPC, two-year imprisonment under Section 337 PPC, two-year imprisonment under Section 427 PPC, and a fine of Rs1 million, six months imprisonment under Terrorist Act, Section 11-F (2) ATA, 1996, six months imprisonment under 120/B PPC, life imprisonment under 3/4 EXP for use of explosives.

The other punishments that were awarded to both convicts were under section 21 (I) ATA 1997 – sentenced to life imprisonment and six months in prison in 202 PPC. The court acquitted both the accused of the charge in Section 353 PPC and section 21-J ATA.

"We have noted the judgment passed by the relevant court and details released by the local police. While specific queries may be directed to the relevant authorities, the proactive investigation, prosecution and judgment in this case have once again demonstrated Pakistan’s abiding commitment to counterterrorism," the Foreign Office Spokesperson said in a statement.

"We again extend our deepest condolences to the victims’ families and remain committed to the safety and security of Chinese workers, projects and institutions in Pakistan. The ironclad Pakistan-China All-Weather Strategic Cooperative Partnership will never be undermined by hostile forces," the statement issued by the foreign office further read.

On July 14, 2021, 10 Chinese engineers and three Pakistanis workers were traveling to the Dasu Hydro Power Project construction site when their bus plunged into a deep ravine after an explosion on board.

The incident led to the death of at least 13 people, including Chinese engineers, two FC officers, and two labourers.

CTD Hazara Region Abbottabad registered case No 08 on July 14, 2021 and arrested the accused, who were later transferred to Abbottabad and Central Jail Haripur. The trial of the accused was conducted by Special Anti-Terrorism Judge Sajjad Ahmad Jan at the camp court at Central Jail Haripur.

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