COGIC Bishop to CBN News: After Centuries of Enemies, There’s Only 1 Reason Israel Is Still Here

COGIC Bishop to CBN News: After Centuries of Enemies, There’s Only 1 Reason Israel Is Still Here

Bishop Glenn Plummer of the Church of God in Christ and his wife Pauline have lived in Israel for three years.

Pauline was in Israel when Hamas conducted its bloody invasion of southern Israel on Oct. 7, but she was able to leave and return to the United States. 

CBN News spoke with Bishop Plummer recently about why it’s important to support the Jewish state, and what he sees ahead for its future.

“Here’s what I would say. Look back at the history of what’s happened as horrific as this is. This is not the first time that Jewish people and the Israelis have gone through that,” Plummer said. “The Bible is full of people like ancient Egypt — where are they now? Gone. The Philistines. Gone. The Canaanites. All of these groups came against to utterly destroy the Israelis. The Jebusites, The Amalekites. All the “ites,” the Hittites, the Amorites. The Syrian Empire. The Babylonian Empire. The Persian Empire. All of these (empires) are gone. And Israel and the Jewish people are still here.”

“The Spanish empire. Nazi Germany. Gone. The USSR in our day. Gone. So now we have Hamas. Don’t think that for one moment, the trail of empires and kingdoms and organizations that have come against the Jewish people, have come against Israel and have been erased,” he continued. “Don’t think for one second that Hamas is now going to be the one that’s going to accomplish annihilating and destroying and wiping off the map the Israeli people. It’s not going to happen. Why? Because the God of Israel has protected them over the ages and it’s his testimony that’s at stake as well.”

“And so, as much as it may sound kind of empty in moments like this, God is not going to allow Israel to be defeated. It’s just not going to happen,” Plummer explained. 

The bishop also told CBN News for all of the millions of black Americans who are for Israel, who are praying for Israel, and who choose to bless Israel, “This is not a moment to be silent.”

“Isaiah said it this way. For Zion’s sake, I will not keep silent. For Jerusalem’s sake, I will not remain quiet. This is Isaiah 62:1. Till her righteousness shines out like the dawn, and her salvation like a blazing torch,” Plummer said. 

Plummer also quoted Dietrich Bonhoeffer, a German Lutheran pastor, theologian, and anti-Nazi dissident who was a key founding member of the Confessing Church. 

“‘Silence in the face of evil is itself evil.’ He said, ‘God will not hold us guiltless. Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act,'” the bishop continued. 

“And so it is not a time for us to be silent,” Plummer said. 

Watch the interview with Bishop Glenn Plummer above. You can also catch the full CBN News interview with Bishop Plummer on CBN News YouTube. 

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