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Content is king. In today’s culture, the person who publishes the most valuable content generates the most profitable return on investment, especially in terms of personal branding and the power of social media.

For those who are inherently bad at creating content and using social media, creating a content strategy is difficult, but if you want to be good at it, there is a simple step-by-step process for creating with a professional camera:

Who can guide us through the whole process better than Celia Smith, an IG influencer, Weekender Productions founder and professional content creator.

According to Celia, there are 11 steps to uploading a good photo-first you need to download several different applications.

What you need to download:

  1. Lightroom: Desktop + Mobile
  2. Register for a Flick Hashtags account
  3. UNUM is used to publish design aesthetics


  1. Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere
  2. Video LUTS App (for video color grading)


  1. Movie Frame/Expand Story
  2. canvas
  3. Lightroom presets

External storage:

Lacey hard drive

Celia explains step by step how to upload a good post, let her take you to browse and visit her YouTube channel. The steps she completed are listed below:

Keep things simple! This is how I post every day:

1. Download the photos to your lacie hard drive

2. Organize photos into folders on the hard drive

3. Select favorites/select in Adobe Bridge

(Press command-9 to sort them in blue. Copy them back to your hard drive.)

4. Copy them to the folder named “selects/favorites”, and then you can delete other folders as needed.

5. Import your selection into lightroom

6. Edit them/use presets:

7. Export them to your “Edited” folder and airdrop to your phone

8. Use UNUM to organize the photos you will post next

9. Write your headline: The headline is very important because it is your way to connect with your audience on a deeper level

10. Use Flick to generate hashtags:

11. Tag friends in photos, who took the photo, and add your location


(PS- After you publish, add the post to your story so that more people can see it! This is called content stacking.)

If you want to learn more about personal branding or content strategy, you can find Celia and

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