CBN’s ‘Helping the Home Front’ Serves Hundreds of Military Families at Thanksgiving

CBN’s ‘Helping the Home Front’ Serves Hundreds of Military Families at Thanksgiving

Military families often face tough times, both when loved ones are deployed, and also financially. This time of year, a Thanksgiving meal can be too much for the family budget, especially with the cost of living so much higher than it was in previous years. That’s why CBN’s “Helping the Home Front” stepped up to lend a holiday helping hand.

If you see a man or woman in a military uniform, you might thank them for their service. Helping the Home Front took that to the next level through its Thanksgiving food distribution.

“Every slot is filled. We’ve not had this many come through,” said Mary Allsbrook, project manager for Helping the Home Front. “Don’t know if some of the economy is affecting that. We know that, at one point, people were concerned that there might be a government shutdown.”

“There are so many things that are involved in this, but we still have families that are just hungry,” she continued.

Cars lined up to wait for the holiday blessing. Navy wife Endorika Riley said with the economy the way it is, it’s tough for military families these days.

“People on the outside truly do not understand,” Riley told CBN News. “People think that we can do the most, and we can’t. We’re struggling just like everybody else.”

“It’s a blessing; I’m truly thankful for everything that we’re receiving,” she shared.

Helping the Home Front gave out 300 turkeys at Ft. Eustis and another 300 at Langley Air Force Base. On top of that, each military family received a holiday box filled with all kinds of sides.

“It’s great. It really helps out the family, right, especially with food prices the way they are sometimes, and so it really helps out,” said Sgt. 1st Class Ricardo Magana of the U.S. Army.
“‘Cause you don’t know where you’re going to move, right, and then sometimes in the areas you go to, it’s more expensive than other areas,” he explained further.

First Lieutenant Taylor Albaugh oversaw military personnel loading the meals into the cars.

“The soldiers, once they downloaded everything, they knew they were free to go, but they wanted to stay,” she shared. “And they wanted to help and give out this food to these soldiers, so it’s a really nice feeling to see that and the love that my soldiers have for helping others.”

At Langley Air Force Base, Master Sgt. Miguel Alicea Candelario helped with the distribution.

“Our job as an installation is to make sure our people are ready, and that’s not just the warfighter mentality of what they do in their job, but also in their personal lives, personal readiness and take care of their families,” he said. 

“And it’s the holiday time – what better time to do it,” Candelario added.          

Both Joshua Thayer and his wife Makayla Hernandez serve their country in the U.S. Navy, and now they’re expecting a baby boy. They welcomed the Thanksgiving helping hand.

“It’s one that’s greatly appreciated especially with what we’re expecting,” Thayer told CBN News. “There’s a lot of expenses and not having to pay for a turkey or meal – it’s a lot, and it’s a relief. It really is.”

“I think it’s a really great blessing in itself ’cause we don’t have to worry about going and getting groceries as we’re coming up on someone’s due date,” Hernandez said. “And so it’s really nice and just a great way that I feel the community’s serving the Armed Forces.”


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