Cambridge International announces the AS and A-Level results of the June 2021 exam

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  • Cambridge International announces the results of the AS and A-Level exams in June 2021.
  • In the Cambridge International AS & A Level exam, Pakistan has more than 40,000 entries.
  • Globally, Cambridge International has published more than 1.5 million results.

An official statement issued on Monday stated that more than 25,000 Cambridge international students in Pakistan have received the June 2021 series of AS and A-Level results.

This year, Cambridge International decided to conduct the exam in June under safe conditions. For these exams, Cambridge International has worked with educational authorities, governments, local authorities and schools to develop guidelines to ensure the safety of participants.

Globally, 5,500 schools have released more than 1.5 million results for the Cambridge International June 2021 exam series, making it the largest exam series ever.

In Pakistan, the June 2021 series of Cambridge International AS and A-Levels exams has more than 40,000 entries.

The release of AS and A-Level results means that Cambridge international students in Pakistan have overcome the multiple challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic to obtain education, and successful students will now be able to continue their next educational step.

Cambridge International also thanks the students’ families and teachers for their support.

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Christine Özden, CEO of Cambridge International, congratulated students around the world on their achievements.

She said: “In a unique year, our students have overcome many of the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, including suspension of classes and studying at home to obtain their qualifications.”

Ozden added that what the students did was a remarkable achievement and showed their dedication to learning. She added that “family and teachers are extremely proud of the students”.

She also recognized the work and commitment of the school and its teachers.

Ozden wrote in the press release: “These results are the result of the hard work of all participants, usually in very challenging situations. I hope they can encourage our students and their teachers to continue to achieve great achievements. .”

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Uzma Yusuf, International Country Director of Cambridge, Pakistan, pointed out that students “despite challenges, but still show incredible strength to persist in studying and taking exams.”

Yusuf thanked teachers and students for their flexibility and embrace the “new normal”. She praised the efforts of school leaders and parents to “enable their children to continue their education without delay.”

Yusuf further thanked all provincial ministers of education and federal minister of education Shafqat Mehmood for their support to the examination in Pakistan.

Cambridge further assured the school that the results are fair and promised to be flexible and responsive to the needs of Cambridge schools and students.

They also ensure that as many students as possible can continue their education in the event of a pandemic.

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