Buddy Murphy loses his name in WWE

This WWE When wrestlers lose their first or last name, the universe is usually less excited, and Buddy Murphy not excluded.

Buddy Murphy is the newest guest Insights with Chris Van Vliet Talk about his time in WWE and what he will do next.In the storyline with Seth Rollins, His name changed from Buddy Murphy to Murphy. When asked about this, Murphy confirmed that it was his idea.

“That was my idea,” Buddy Murphy revealed. “But the whole story behind it was never told. So I was talking to Michael Hayes and he said,’Dude!’ I was like,’Hey, what happened to Michael? He said, “Man, this is so friendly. “So I thought maybe I should go back to Murphy. At NXT, it’s Black and Murphy, and I don’t need Buddy. Maybe because I’m the disciple role, Buddy is not suitable. I said,’Okay, how about me? Sacrifice my name for the greater good? “Now I am becoming the rebirth of Seth. I will give up my birth name, and I will be known for a bigger cause like a number. Next week, I’m just Murphy and I’ve never explained it. “

Buddy Murphy revealed that losing his name was actually his idea

Buddy Murphy believes that the fact that he has to answer all these questions now reflects the fact that WWE can explain the story to the audience better than them.

“The whole idea is that I do this for Seth, and when I leave Seth, I return to Buddy Murphy, I don’t like that,” Buddy Murphy continued. “They can explain a lot [better]In fact, we are talking about it now, these questions should not be answered after a year and a half. “

Does Buddy Murphy explain the reasons behind the name change to make the storyline more suitable for you? If WWE took the time to explain these things in their show, how good would it be? Let us know what you think by speaking in the comments section below.


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