Barrister Ali Zafar said his report on Tarion’s allegations would have “no legal value”

PTI Senator Barrister Ali Zafar.Photo: File

When a report was investigating the FBI’s investigation into Jahangir Tareen’s alleged unfair treatment, Senator Barrister Ali Zafar clarified on Wednesday that any findings in his report were not legally binding, and emphasized the matter.” It is purely an internal affair of PTI.

The former caretaker law minister posted a clarification on Twitter after “certain people and the media” were “busy to guess” what he was going to report.

“Please let me be clear, I did not submit any reports. Any findings, not [necessarily] The written form should belong entirely to PTI, have no legal value or status, and should not have any relationship or influence with the inquiry/investigation of the sugar tycoon or Mr. Tareen,” Zafar wrote.

The freshman senator stated that Prime Minister Imran Khan’s government has “did not” or “made concessions for corruption”.

Zafar stated that Prime Minister Imran Khan directed him to investigate complaints made by the estranged PTI leader, adding that once the investigation is over, he will directly make “recommendations, and only to the prime minister”.

“The report on Jahangir Tareen has not yet been submitted”

This is the second time a senator has come out in less than a week and issued clarifications on the expected report.

Earlier, Zafar dismissed the rumors that he had submitted the final report of the former PTI Secretary General.

Last month, when a group of pro-leather parliamentarians alleged that the FIA ​​was conducting a victim investigation in Tarien, Prime Minister Imran Khan assigned Zafar to find out the facts because of Tarien. He is the major shareholder of JDW Sugar Mill and is investigating sugar scams. Lead to commodity shortages and price increases.

“I have noticed that certain news is spreading. [concerning the] submit [the] Report on JKT [Jahangir Khan Tareen]”, Ali Zafar said in a tweet on Thursday.

“This is incorrect and based on some wrong information. So far, I have not submitted any final reports.” He added.

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