Art communities begin banning AI-generated images

AI-generated artwork has been flooding the internet, offending some art communities who have now started banning these images from their sites, reported

Some art communities taking such drastic measures include Newgrounds, Inkblot Art, and Fur Affinity, while some major art communities like DeviantArt and ArtStation haven’t resorted to such policy changes yet.

A few vocal artists on social media have already begun complaining about the regularity of seeing AI-generated images on their platforms.

Image synthesis models such as Mid journey and Stable Diffusion might have been a blessing for some but are also being criticised for being a kind of art theft.

Art communities fear that these AI-generated images will drown out original artwork, especially since many members have already begun using the creative image tools.

Newgrounds, in its Art Portal, wrote, “We want to keep the focus on art made by people and not have the Art Portal flooded with computer-generated art.”

Fur Affinity cited, “Our goal is to support artists and their content. We don’t believe it’s in our community’s best interests to allow AI-generated content on the site.”

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