Are UVC lights, antibacterial technology, mobile phone radiation blockers and RFID wallets really effective?We asked an expert

Technology often promises To improve your life, but few gadgets meet this requirement. Everything in this industry is revolutionary, and it can be challenging to distinguish passionate marketing from distorted facts and outright lies. Intimidation is a common sales tool. So how do you tell if the product provides real protection or pure snake oil? Obtaining clear answers can be surprisingly difficult.

We studied four categories—mobile phone radiation and electromagnetic fields, UVC disinfectants, antibacterial materials, and radio frequency identification—and asked experts to diagnose whether gadgets in these areas provide any real benefits or protection.

Mobile phone radiation and electromagnetic field blocking

There is still some debate about the potential of mobile phone radiation and other radio frequency (RF) electromagnetic fields (EMF), such as those generated by Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Carcinogenic. In the various studies conducted, there is generally no decisive correlation Between using mobile phones and cancer, Although most organizations like American Cancer Society with National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences Said that more research is needed.

Regardless of whether mobile phone radiation or EMF is harmful, there is a booming industry claiming to reduce your exposure. There are shielding products, such as special mobile phone cases and protective clothing, but are they really effective? Kenneth Foster, professor emeritus of bioengineering at the University of Pennsylvania, is skeptical.

“First, ordinary consumers cannot know how effective this protective device is, and they may waste money because they rarely reduce exposure,” Foster wrote via email. “Secondly, as long as the phone operates within a safe range (all legally sold devices do this), there are no obvious health benefits.”

Federal Trade Commission Issue a scam warning Claim to protect you from mobile phone radiation. To make matters worse, some of these protective devices may have the opposite effect. Foster said that the cloth shielding material may be woven metal, which can reflect or absorb radio waves and may increase exposure. But it is more likely that some so-called EMF blocking products, such as pendants or stickers, do nothing at all.

“I don’t know any physical principles by which these devices can work,” Foster said. “It is expensive and requires special equipment for testing. As far as I know, the suppliers of such equipment will not prove its effectiveness through scientific and effective tests, but rely on technical terms to sell gadgets.”

If you are worried that your mobile phone will be affected by radiation, RF and EMF, please do not buy the product. It is best to modify your mobile phone usage. Foster says you can use Bluetooth speakers instead of pulling your phone to your ear to make a call, and avoid using your phone in areas with weak signals, because when the network coverage is poor, your phone will increase the power of the internal radio in an attempt to maintain connectivity . Another option is not to use a mobile phone, but this is not easy in today’s digital world.

UV disinfectant

Targus’s upcoming disinfection lamp uses UVC and claims to eliminate 99% of the pathogenic microorganisms on the surface.

Photography: Tagus

We start from various Learn that Cell phone, keyboard, And other surfaces may become breeding grounds for bacteria unless you Regular disinfection.

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