Amazon starts drone delivery trials in Texas, California


Amazon has begun drone delivery service to many of its locations in Texas and California, the vce president of Prime Air Amazon announced in a LinkedIn post. He added a picture of a drone carrying a small box at the end of a tether.

“These are careful first steps that we will turn into giant leaps for our customers over the next number of years,” he wrote. David Carbon, described how for the company, “customers are our obsession, safety is our imperative, the future of delivery is our mandate, technology is unlocking that future, and our people are the foundation that it all sits on.”

Amazon had been working on its drone delivery since 2013, and its drone had undergone many design changes over the decade as the company worked to ensure the drone was a safe and reliable operation. It is already launching its latest design which has better durability and an improved range of the current 9 miles.

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Selected customers can order small items online and a drone would be loaded to deliver the items. At the delivery address, the drone lowers its extended tether to place the items on the ground.

Drones can help speed up last-mile delivery services, especially in urban cities, but also need to be adverse enough to handle rough weather conditions. Moreover, drones can be quite noisy and an annoyance to many residents, however, creators are working on making drones more quieter.

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