Airline ticket prices jacked up by 25%

The domestic airlines have increased their ticket prices by 25 per cent in the wake of continuous rise in fuel and dollar prices.

According to the Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) administration officials, the prices of two-way tickets for flights from Lahore to Dubai, Sharjah, Karachi, Toronto, Dammam and Saudi Arabia have been increased.

The PIA’s airline ticket from Lahore to Toronto is being charged at Rs458,716. Similarly, the fare of Toronto Executive Economy Class from Lahore has been increased to Rs667,000.

The PIA's two-way Economy Class ticket price from Lahore to Sharjah has gone up to Rs113,927 while that of Executive Economy Class has increased to Rs135,000.

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Similarly, the PIA's two-way fare from Lahore to Karachi reached Rs64,150 and that of Karachi Executive Economy Class from Lahore rose to Rs85,930.

The two-way ticket of Dubai Economy Class from Lahore clocked in at Rs190,000 after the increase.
According to details, the daily rising prices of petroleum products and the persistent high flight of the dollar against the rupee have also increased the difficulties of air travellers.

Sources said that the flight prices to other countries, including domestic, have been increased by more than 25% due to which the airline fares from Lahore to Dubai, Sharjah, Karachi, Toronto, Dammam and Saudi Arabia have been increased. “And there has been a sudden increase in fares for domestic flights.”

The one-way ticket price of flights from Lahore to Karachi and from Karachi to Islamabad is being charged from Rs28,000 to Rs30,000.

The PIA's Economy Class airline ticket between Karachi and Islamabad has gone up to Rs46,600 and Karachi-to-Islamabad Executive Economy Class fare has gone up to Rs76,000.

The PIA's Economy Class fare from Lahore to Dammam has reached Rs135,222.

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