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AI-generated historic paintings are flooding Google results

While AI-generated images have taken the world by storm, most people are confusing real human-created art with one generated by AI, and Google has been the culprit in promoting the knockoffs.

According to Futurism, many examples of art when searched for on Google, display poor imitations of legendary artists’ work. Other glaring errors have been pointed out as being senseless photography.

Illustrator Penny Neville-Lee, with a link to a screenshot, said “If you don’t think visual AI is a problem, this is what comes up when you @Google Edward Hopper.”

The Hopper-like art image was removed from the website Creative Fabrica, which had been generated with the prompt “a woman looking outside the window by Edward Hopper.”

Similarly, examples of Dutch Old Master Johannes Vermeer will display a bizarrely photorealistic version of his Girl with a Pearl Earring. The Vermeer Dutch imposter, Julian van Dieken, created A Girl with Glowing Earrings with AI, which was met with considerable controversy.

The AI-generated fakes have been fooling Google’s algorithm but most people can identify the fakes and disregard them, but as tools become more sophisticated, this might become difficult.

Google spokesperson told Futurism that, “We’re rolling out new tools to help people quickly and easily assess the context and credibility of images, including our ‘About this image’ tool as well as markup-based image labels for A.I.-generated images. “Given the scale of the open web, however, it’s possible that our systems might not always select the best images regardless of how those images are produced, A.I.-generated or not.”



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