After the legislator’s microphone is turned off, PTI withdraws from PA

Legislators from Sindh’s main opposition party left the provincial assembly on Tuesday because one of their colleagues was prevented from completing a speech on the recently submitted government budget.

The Palestinian Authority discussed the Sindh Provincial Government’s budget for the 2021-22 fiscal year for the fourth consecutive day. After Pakistan’s Justice Movement (PTI) legislator Adeel Ahmed’s microphone was turned off during his budget speech, the House of Representatives witnessed a protest.

According to reports, the lawmaker made some inappropriate remarks to the Chief Minister of Sindh, and he was subsequently denied the opportunity to complete his speech before the legislature. This prompted PTI legislators to protest. Before stepping out of the rally, they claimed that their microphones would be turned off whenever they expressed concerns about the rights of faith. They also claim that the resources of the province are being plundered.

Earlier, before his speech was cut off, MPA Ahmed had claimed that the Covid emergency had caused about 3 million young people in the province to lose their jobs and that the provincial government did nothing for their rehabilitation. He also claimed that the public-private partnership plan of the Sindh Provincial Government is only for coinage.

PTI MP Khurrum Sher Zaman claimed that Punjab benefited from the 18th Constitutional Amendment, while Sindh was harmed. He said that the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) has been in power in the province for nearly 13 years, but it has failed to provide Karachi with a viable public transportation system. He also accused the ruling party of using fire hydrants in the city to steal public funds.

Zaman said that as CM failed to fulfill his responsibilities to the province, the entire Karachi suffered from insufficient drinking water supplies.

He said that in view of the plight of the city’s fire brigade, the prime minister has donated 52 fire trucks to Karachi. He also said that due to the failure of the Sindh provincial government to complete the Safe City project, 42,000 cars and 32,000 mobile phones were stolen in the city in the past year.

He asked where all the vehicles of the Chinese contractor who were taken to Karachi to dispose of the municipal waste. He said that Sindhi children have died due to frequent dog bites, but the government has other priorities, such as issuing licenses to operate liquor stores in Karachi.

PPP lawmaker Rana Hamir Singh emphasized the need to use modern technology to overcome the city’s water shortage. He said that Tharis should be provided with free solar water pumps because the reverse osmosis water filtration device in the desert area has failed.

He requested that the 750 RO factories in the area should be put back into use to provide drinking water for residents. He said that the company that signed the contract with the factory deceived the public.

PTI MP Sidra Imran claimed that the federal government accounts for 72% of the Sindh provincial government budget, while elite rulers waste up to 77% of the provincial budget. She said that Sindh has become “the most backward province due to the failure of the PPP policy”.

Ali Gohar Khan Mahar, a legislator of the Grand League for Democracy, stated that if the Indus River System Authority is unfair to the province in providing the province’s residents with due river water supply, they will support the Sindh case.

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