After England’s fiasco, Shahid Afridi urged fans to support Pakistan

Karachi: Former Pakistan captain Shahid Afridi urged fans to support the players of the country because they suffered a humiliating defeat in the ODI series against England.

The Celtics’ performance against the “B-level” England team was severely criticized by supporters and former players. They demanded the dismissal of coaches Mies Bahak and Vakal Younis.

However, Afridi, one of Pakistan’s most popular cricket players, believes that when players feel frustrated after a poor performance, they need the support of fans and critics.

“Currently, the players representing the Pakistan national team are our best in talent and ability. These players have been very stable recently. In fact, some of them have been performing for a long time. These are us. The best players, they are the talent we have to take advantage of,” he said in a video statement.

The star batsman said that we need to keep players motivated and eager for success, and support them in difficult times.

“I can accept that the team loses as long as they fight on the court. I think cricket has changed a lot in recent years. Now, offense is the best defense. There is no other way but to play with offensive intent. Especially in white ball matches.”

Afridi said: “Our players are good at attacking or blocking. Maybe we need to find an intermediate way, especially for the ODI format. All of our players need to play their abilities and play their strengths.”

T20 World Cup

Afridi played a leading role in Pakistan’s 2009 ICC World T20 victory. He believes that the current team may match the achievements of the 2009 team led by Younis Khan, especially since the game was held in the UAE, Pakistan It played an important role there. Many crickets have succeeded in matches against some of the world’s leading teams.

“In the UAE, we have a very good record and have performed very well against some of the top teams. This bodes well for the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup. Spinners and batters will play an important role in UAE conditions. If When the ball starts to reverse, we have the potential to become the best players. If we play our strengths, we are very likely to win the game.”

He concluded that he is still committed to fitness and cricket, as long as he enjoys the game and stays healthy, he will continue to participate in franchise and club cricket because this was the wish of his late father.

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