A vulnerability in COD Mobile HVK-30 can kill and cause 92 damage in 2 shots

COD Mobile recently released a small update, introducing a new siege mode in the game.Zombies have returned Cash on delivery And players are doing their best to grind out ether crystal camouflage for a variety of weapons. However, this model seems to be more difficult than most people expected.

The new update also brings a new legendary weapon and a game destruction bug. As for the legendary weapon, it is AGR .556-The Ripper, which players can buy in a new lucky draw in the game.

However, a new error appeared in the HVK-30 assault rifle. HVK-30 is a standard weapon, not the weapon of choice in the current version. However, after the update, an error gave the weapon the ability to kill with two shots, which was completely broken by the COD Mobile standard. Only the ASM-10 and DR-H have a low rate of fire three-shot kill capability, which makes them a viable weapon, but it will not break like the HVK-30, which is currently killing with a crazy kill time of less than 100 milliseconds.

Cash on delivery Developers may fix this bug soon, but players can expect that ranking matches are flooded with HVK-30 abusers. This will only cause other players to swing the same eavesdropping weapon to win the shootout.

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Attachment error on HVK-30 caused 92 damage in COD Mobile

If a large-caliber ammunition attachment is used, an error in HVK-30 will occur. The normal damage of a weapon below 25 meters remains the default, but when it exceeds 25 meters, the damage to the body will increase to 59, and it will increase to 92 for a headshot.

There is a problem with the large caliber ammunition attachment in HVK-30 (Call of Duty Mobile)
There is a problem with the large caliber ammunition attachment in HVK-30 (Call of Duty Mobile)

The damage buff will last up to 50 meters, after which the weapon will never cause any damage. If the firing range exceeds 50 meters, every shot will cause zero damage to the enemy. However, at mid-range, the weapon is completely damaged and can be killed in two shots, making any meta weapon in COD Mobile obsolete.

Players can expect a patch for this error at any time, but at the same time, in COD Mobile’s multiplayer ranking mode, it may only be HVK-30 metadata.


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