7 productive ways ChatGPT can help you

The year began with a buzz around ChatGPT – usage of which has rapidly picked up and gained popularity globally.

The AI programme, powered by OpenAI, is a free chatbot that answers almost all questions and even writes essays and emails for the user.

The ChatGPT fever has spread like fire, triggering companies like Microsoft and Google to introduce their own chatbots in their browser and search engine.

The human-like bot is far more clever and advanced than most people can give credit for, and thus, has already begun assisting users in their day-to-day tasks. Here are a few ways ChatGPT can productively help you:

Writing emails

Emails can be quite awkward to draft and often people have to ponder for hours on what and how to deliver the message professionally.

But users can now give ChatGPT a prompt to draft an email discussing a particular topic, and the AI chatbot will do so by presenting a perfectly curated email, which you can confidently send out.

Summarising documents

The AI programme can summarise documents for you after you copy and paste the content into the prompt box.

Users can also include specifications on how the summary should be or ask to add a few points that they might have missed.

This is not only great for summarising long reading material when in a rush but also doing so for professional and academic documents.

Get your code reviewed with comments

If coding has been troubling you and you just can’t seem to figure out where the problem lies, ask ChatGPT to review and comment on your code with feedback.

The programme will also correct mistakes and explain what each block of code is doing.

Translating research documents

Academicians and researchers will be able to easily translate research papers for their studies by copying and pasting the document into the prompt box.

Users can even ask for a summary of the document in any language they prefer.

Social media captions and marketing ideas

The AI programme can provide a range of options when asked for a social media caption regarding something, eliminating the long hours of pondering that goes into a short but good caption.

Moreover, ChatGPT will provide a detailed scheduled plan for marketing a specific product, whilst also drafting a sales pitch.

Create content

The chatbot will use a prompt given to generate any kind of content from essays, reports, and summaries to even plays, scripts, and poetries.

For studying

The programme will not only solve math problems for you but will also explain and teach you specific subjects and topics.

Users can even prompt for an easy explanation to understand a topic better. Additionally, ChatGPT can quiz students on a specific topic for exam preparation.

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