1,000 Schengen visa stickers stolen from the Italian Embassy in Pakistan

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Islamabad: A spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirmed on Tuesday that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs had shared information with relevant departments to take “appropriate action” against the theft of Schengen visa stickers from the Italian Embassy in Islamabad.

Spokesperson Zahid Hafeez Chaudhri said in response to a reporter’s question that the diplomatic mission had reported the theft of visa stickers to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and immediately shared the information with relevant departments.

“The information has been immediately shared with the relevant authorities in order to take appropriate action in this regard,” he said.

According to reports, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has notified the Ministry of the Interior and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FIA) about the theft of about 1,000 visa stickers in the locker room of the Italian Embassy this month.

Relevant departments have been required to track visa stickers at all entry and exit points and report seizures to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

According to existing information, the serial numbers of 750 stolen visa stickers range from ITA041913251 to ITA041914000, and the serial numbers of 250 visa stickers range from ITA041915751 to ITA041916000.

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